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Posted by admin On Jul - 5 - 2013

In music history, there may be nothing as exciting as James Brown’s 1963 album, Live at the Apollo, a seminal event for any music lover. James Brown, accompanied by the Famous Flames, recorded eight tracks at the Apollo Theater in Harlem in October 1962. Brown’s record label was originally not in favor of the album, operating under the notion that live albums without new songs were unlikely to be profitable. However, Live at the Apollo went on to spend 66 weeks on Billboard’s “Top Pop” charts (more…)

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Elvis Steps Up To The Microphone

How Elvis Changed The World
Elvis changed the world of music like nobody else that came before him. In fact, many critics and fans argue that he created rock n roll. It is certainly true that Elvis made a drastic impact on the world of live and recorded music in the ’50s. His fame lasted throughout the ’70s until he passed away. Additionally, Elvis Presley’s live musical performances become historic and controversial at the (more…)

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Originally produced under the working title “Ballet for Martha,” Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” is one of the most influential pieces of music of the 20th century. Commissioned by famed choreographer Martha Graham in 1942, the ballet and its music have become ingrained in the minds of the American people as the musical embodiment of early American life in the Appalachian region. Without even knowing what it is or who wrote it, any American who hears the variations on “Simple Gifts” (more…)

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A recounting of the history of opera is never complete without the story of Enrico Caruso. The tenor was known in his home country of Italy as an acclaimed singer, and he also became known and loved throughout the world for his beautiful voice and stellar performances in opera houses in Italy, France, South America, North America and Europe.

Caruso was among the first opera singers to record his voice for commercial release, and his rendition of “Vesti la giubba” in 1904 sold more than one million copies around the globe. He was known for (more…)

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In the winter of 1923, bandleader Paul Whiteman asked George Gershwin to compose a piece for an all-jazz concert the next February. Though Whiteman’s orchestra was the most popular in the country, he heard that another bandleader had begun a jazz concerto. Gershwin began work in January and completed “American Rhapsody” a month later, leaving Whiteman’s arranger mere weeks to orchestrate the piece.

Whiteman premiered the renamed “Rhapsody in Blue” in a New York concert on February 12, 1924. He augmented his band with strings, and Gershwin himself on the piano. Since he didn’t know when the (more…)

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The first public concert held in Philadelphia was on January 25, 1757. Up until that point all concerts were basically invite-only and were reserved for the elite of the city.

A man named John Palma was the director of that concert, but little is known about him. He was a European immigrant and a professional musician. No program exists from that concert so the type of music that was played is unknown. Most experts believe that it was probably a mix of popular European composers and maybe some scores written by Palma himself.

While having a (more…)

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On April 8 of 1742, Handel debuted his now famous piece the Messiah. 700 people paid the half guinea price for tickets to see the concert, with all of the money raised going to charity as the performers and the composer put on the show free of charge.

Two years earlier, in 1740, there was a band of destructive weather that caused one of the most devastating famines in Ireland’s long history. Of the 2,400,000 people who resided in the country, 300,000 and 480,000 people were killed as a result of the famines (more…)

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Pitching a tent for Woodstock was so awesome. I don’t believe that I have seen better times. I really just love the whole music scene and how everyone was so in tune with each other.

It was a lovely time with some groovy music to go along with everything. I pitched a tent and got wild and crazy along with everyone else. I will admit that in all of my years I don’t ever thing I have seen so many females that were so friendly and loving. (more…)

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